Art is a deep language that involves the emotional status of people.
Getting in touch with art means educating one’s self following the graphic supplies freely and independently.
Art grows together with us, because we can evolve in life with real values
accepting our essence.
Art supports our emotionality, and always comes out a new sense of awareness in our existence.

Where am I

Via Giuseppe Frua 18,
Milano (MI)


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Hi, I’m Francesco!

Francesco Remorino, from Milan – Italy,  has a very good artistic background from the art school ‘Accademia di Brera’ .  He’s an Art therapist with a master in multidisciplinary and integrated approach, at the school of socio – psychological training Uniateneo.
Francesco is bilingual, Italian is his main language and he speaks fluent English.

A closer look


Francesco Remorino has always undertaken a formative path of artistic type, attending the artistic high school and academies of arts.

In 2019 he attended a workshop in London at the UAL (University of the Arts London) on expressive and imaginative language in childhood art therapy.

In Milan, he took part in seminars on art therapy and expressive rehabilitative language, at the studio Arte Insieme, of Dr Melania Cavalli.

Art therapeutic help

Art therapy is in great demand in the first years of growth, in childhood, the most delicate period of life. Children need continuous support and listening.

In the laboratories of integrated art therapy you find yourself in a dimension between spontaneous stimuli and imagination.

Through colors, sounds and movements.

Each of us can rediscover our essence to build a new future full of vitality.

More intense colors

are given by emotions

Art Therapy

How it works

Art therapy is expressed through the image and this leads us to elaborate and express our emotions, investigating in our lives. 

– The self-image corresponds to the relationship with a protected environment and continuous experimental research, to achieve a new sense of freedom through a language full of colors. – 

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